What kind of water do we use

All the products of Aqua-UG company are made on the basis of artesian water. Doctors believe that artesian water is the cleanest and the most useful of all possible. It is a common fact that it that it contains no microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Moreover, it is rich in minerals and trace elements. The composition of artesian water remains stable at any time of the year, regardless of any climate changes, including precipitation, lowering or rising temperatures. The abundance of mineral impurities often do not allow you to drink it immediately after receiving from the wells, so filtration is necessary.

Water purification technology



The well is located in the ecologically clean area of the Rostov region, far away from the city and any industrial zones. Thousands of years ago there used to be a water basin of the Sarmatian sea here. This explains the unique concentration of mineral salts, primarily potassium, magnesium and sodium in the water. The level of mineralization in the well is 5.0 g/l of mineral salts. This is an indicator of mineral water having therapeutic effect.